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11:42am 02/05/2008
Today is my last day at TSI. Bittersweet. You see, this is so far from an office job. I work in my resident's HOME, it is such a different kind of atmosphere and role that they/I play in each others lives. I am planning on staying on per diem, and I have said so in all of my termination sessions ( which I hate/dread/loathe)... I am nervous about my new beginning. It is a new phase in my life, my professional development. It has been so long in the making. But even good change is hard to process and met with all sorts of feelings. I am excited, nervous, sad. Everything. Derrick is picking me up for lunch. I actually get a break on my last day, there are three people, which never happens! More from me later. Just making sure all lose ends are tied, that all paperwork is up to date and that all forms, lists, dates are in order for the next batter up. No small task.
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